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GSM Sweetshop & Resturant - click here for our menu

GSM Sweetshop & Restaurant is a family run business situated in Leicester.

For the last decade it has been providing the very best in Indian Sweets, Savouries and Indian Food/Takeaways. Since the first day that it opened on the 18th April 1998 it has been delivering Traditional Punjabi cooking and has been creating mouth-watering Indian Sweets and Savouries.

At GSM we pride ourselves on providing a wide range of delicious Indian Sweets and Savouries in a variety of endless colours and flavours for every special occasion and celebration you may have. All our Indian Sweets and Savouries are made using the freshest and finest ingredients we only use pure desi ghee (butter) and freshly made khoya (mava) which gives our sweets a rich and flavourful taste.

As a family business, we invest the greatest of care in every Sweet, Savoury & Dish item prepared.

All items are prepared in our exquisite kitchen facility and are made using the greatest of care and attention in a controlled and hygienic environment. All of our staff are fully trained in Food and Safety handling. We make only the best of Sweets/ Savouries using traditional homemade methods past down from family generations to produce the best quality foods - a fact that we are proud of.

At GSM we provide a family friendly atmosphere and provide high quality customer service to all our customers ensuring that all of our Indian Sweets/Savouries/Takeaways are of excellent quality and taste and our prices are always kept very competitive without compromising the quality of its products to give the customer the best value for money, and this is shown by the immense satisfaction of customers and their willingness to come back again and again to GSM.

GSM Restaurant

GSM Sweetshop & Resturant - click here for our menu

We also have a 16 seated restaurant where you can come in and enjoy a full traditional Punjab Meal with family and friends; whether it is a Punjabi Thali or a Samosa Chaat with Lassi we have something for everyone, or why not enjoy the taste of Punjab Cuisine in the comfort of your own home by ordering from our extensive Take away menu.

With years of experience, success and growth in the Sweet Centre business GSM has diversified into providing a Catering Service (GSM Caterers) and most recently GSM Foods, which provide Samosas and Savouries in bulk to other businesses.